Michael Janich has been studying and teaching self-defense and the martial arts for more than 40 years. He has earned instructor’s credentials in American Self-Protection (ASP – an eclectic art that includes elements of judo, aikido, boxing, fencing and French Savate), the Filipino art of Serrada Eskrima, and Silat Concepts and has also trained extensively in a wide variety of other martial arts and self-defense systems. Janich is also one of the foremost modern authorities on handgun point shooting and is one of the few contemporary instructors to have been personally trained by the late close-combat legend Colonel Rex Applegate.

How Centerfire Shooting Sports Achieved 5 Star Shooting Range Status

Centerfire Shooting Sports is proud to be a member of The Firearm Industry Trade Association which is organized by The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). The NSSF sets the standard for 3 - 5 star ratings of shooting ranges across the USA. A gun range facility that can achieve a 5 star rating means they are the gold standard of the industry by proving their advancements and focus on firearm business best practices.

Many patrons of shooting ranges do not realize how much is involved with obtaining a 5 star classification. A 5 star range must exceed all expectations of a standard shooting range facility.

Gun control facts and statistics

The United States is listed as the country with the most number of civilian gun owners. Recent Gun Control Statistics show that there are about 120 guns per every 100 Americans. Gun ownership in the United States is not as complex as every citizen of legal age has a right to own a gun for protection purposes. The legal system has put in place measure to ensure that firearms are controlled among citizens. Ownership, manufacturing, allocation of, and destruction of firearms is regulated by the federal gun laws in place.

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