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We get it — choosing a pistol can be tough. We want you to feel confident in your choice. That’s why we’ve created an easy way for you to visit Centerfire Shooting Sports and test out the GLOCK Gen5 pistols of your choice. Now through August 31st, 2018.

Includes one FREE GEN5 GLOCK Rental, 5 rounds of ammo and FREE range time for the 5 rounds. Does not include target. If you choose to continue shooting after trying the GLOCK GEN5, you will need to purchase range fees, targets, rentals, ammo, etc. 


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The One Mom Army Carrying An Arsenal In Her Corset

A MOTHER-OF-SEVEN and gun expert has spoken out about teaching her family marksmanship fundamentals and overcoming the “victim mentality”. Anna Taylor, The founder and CEO of gun holster company Dene Adams, has garnered attention online for her concealed carry corsets, which allow her to carry up to four guns and a knife at any one time. Now she has revealed how she, her husband, and her seven children, ages five to 16, remain “situationally aware” and fully educated in marksmanship.

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