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Celebrate with your Sweetheart this Valentine's Day with a little firepower and Centerfire's Sweetheart Package. We've got your date night covered with a one hour Couples Therapy Experience, Rose, Chocolates and a Centerfire Gift for Two. Reservations are for Friday, February 10th - February 14th, 2022. 

Sell Guns on Gun Broker with Centerfire Shooing Sports

Centerfire Shooting Sport can sell your gun for you, on Gun Broker. 

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Whether you're looking to free up space in your safe, or are thinking about trading to upgrade what you currently have, here at Centerfire, we buy used guns. We're happy to assess the value of your firearm(s) and discuss consignment, trade, or purchase options. Our professional staff will get you the maximum value for your firearm assets.

Consignment: we'll sell your guns for you! Utilizing the reach of Gunbroker.com, we'll put your guns up for auction at an agreed minimum reserve amount with pictures and a detailed description to attract buyers, and then write you a check for when they sell. Our consignment fee is 20% of the sales price. This is a fantastic option for large collections or estate sales!

Trade: a great option if you're looking to upgrade! We'll deduct fair market trade-in value off whatever it is you'd like to buy.

Purchase: if you want to turn guns into cash, we'll make offers on a case by case basis!"

We know ammo is in short supply, but Centerfire Shooting Sports has ammo in stock for our range use only. 

We have 9mm, 40 S&W .45 ACP, .38 Special, .380 ACP, and .223  in stock for RANGE USE ONLY. Ammo restrictions may apply, subject to availability. Call for specific ammo questions, 913.782.4900. 

 Centerfire Military Challenge

November 11th is the celebration of Veterans Day. With that, Centerfire is proud to partner up with Kansas City's Veteran Hospital. 

From Veterans Day, November 11th through Thanksgiving, Centerfire will be running a competition with all branches of the military. With a donation of $5, you will have the opportunity to show the Kansas City Metro which branch really is the best shooter. If you’re not retired or active military, you can shoot for a family or friend that served.

You will be given a target that will be shot at the following distance with 5 shots at each:

-15 feet

-25 feet

-35 feet

Once you finish, simply return your target to any staff member, with your name and representing the military branch of your choice written at the top.

Again, all proceeds will go to the Kansas City VA hospital to help your veterans with travel, toiletry items, and other comfort and welfare.And don't forget Veterans shoot FREE on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020.

Thank you for supporting our veterans and choosing Centerfire Shooting Sports!


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Meet Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe

At Centerfire Shooting Sports

875 Jan-Mar Ct, Olathe, KS 66061

Friday, October 16th, 2020

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Join us Friday, October 16th for a Meet & Greet and Q&A with Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe. Learn the importance of having a Law and Order supportive District Attorney and other issues you need to know.

District Attorney Steve Howe will discuss:

  • Keeping Johnson County safe with the rise of crime across the nation;
  • Protecting yourself and your rights when protecting your home and family;
  • Innovative programs for victim services and reducing recidivism.

This is a FREE event and there will be refreshments and door prizes. Due to COVID-19 precautions we will have this event outdoors and will be following social distancing protocols. Please reserve your seat online early! Find out more about Johnson County District Attorney at stevehoweforda.com.


 Click Here to Register!


About Steve Howe:

Steve Howe is a native Kansan, growing up in Salina. Steve graduated from Washburn University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Criminal Justice and Political Science in 1985. Shortly after graduation, he entered Washburn Law School with a goal of becoming a prosecutor. This led to his internships in the office of then Kansas Attorney General Robert Stephan and in the Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office.

Steve graduated from the Washburn University School of Law in 1988. Following graduation, Steve honed his prosecutorial skills as an assistant district attorney in Shawnee County. Steve's record of performance in Shawnee County led to his becoming an assistant district attorney in Johnson County in 1991, where he prosecuted a myriad of cases touching on virtually all aspects of criminal law. During those 15 years, he supervised several units within the office and was instrumental in the establishment of the office’s consumer fraud/white collar investigation unit in 2002. He is a widely recognized expert in the prosecution of those who abuse dependent and elder adults and his expertise in this area led to appearances before the Kansas Legislature while spearheading the successful passage of legislation protecting the most vulnerable in our community.

Steve left the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office in early 2007 and entered private practice with The Jones Law Firm in Overland Park, Kansas. Unable to shake his passion for justice, Steve continued to prosecute violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act through civil actions against those who seek to take advantage of his fellow Kansans. In 2008, with 18 years of experience as a prosecutor, scores of prosecutions and over 90 jury trials, Steve successfully ran for and was elected Johnson County District Attorney. Steve ran unopposed in both 2012 and 2016,  he is running for re-election in 2020. Now, in his third term, he is continuing to work with law enforcement and partner agencies to provide better service to victims and witnesses.

Steve has spearheaded several legislative changes to help make the people of Johnson County safe.
They include the push for changes to protect older adults and increase penalties for abuse.

In reacting to a U.S. Supreme Court decision, he helped lead a call for a special session of the Kansas Legislature, which helps keep murderers who have received a “Hard 50” sentence behind bars.

Steve and members of his staff take pride on spending time at various public outreach events and fundraisers.  In 2013, Steve was asked to chair a capital campaign to expand Safehome’s domestic violence shelter.  He is on the Board of Directors for Sunflower House and the Advisory Board for MOCSA.

Steve and the rest of the criminal justice agencies have worked hard over the last 12 years to make Johnson County one of the most effective and progressive Counties in the Country.

A Johnson County resident since 1991, Steve is committed to providing an effective and efficient office focused on protecting the people of Johnson County.  Steve resides in Shawnee with his wife, Cyndi, where they raised their four children.


Salute to Veterans - GLOCK Discount Program

Promotion Runs 5/25/2020 - 11/11/2020


The GLOCK discount purchase program has been extended to honorably discharged military and law enforcement veterans.

In addition to the existing Blue Label Program, GLOCK is proud to partner with you to continue efforts to support those who go into harms way.  The discount program will be available at Centerfire Shooting Sports from Memorial Day to Veterans Day to honorably discharged veterans. A copy of your DD 214 and driver's license or VA card can be used as credentials. 

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