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Practical Application Of Trauma Techniques 6/29/22

Practical Application of Trauma Techniques

Jun 29, 2022
5:30 pm -  8:00 pm
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Event description:

Practical Application of Trauma Techniques Course 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Practical Application of Trauma Techniques Course


Practical Application of Trauma Techniques (PATTs) is a 2-1/2-hour course limited to 12 students. The primary goal of this course is to educate the students about the most common traumas likely to be seen while conducting firearms shooting and training and how to handle them. Throughout the class students will learn about gear that they can carry and how to use it properly. Furthermore, there will be information about current medical options to treat gunshot wound and other firearm-related trauma.

After a brief PowerPoint explaining the equipment and its usage; the course will turn into practical (hands-on) stations where students will conduct exercises themselves. Practical stations will be taught by Dr.Fotopoulos, using real-world experience to develop the scenarios. All registrants will receive a FREE tourniquet. 

The stations will include, but not be limited to: 

  • Application of tourniquets on both arm and leg
  • Application of chest seals
  • Application of hemostatic agents
  • Application of Nasopharyngeal airways
  • Application of needle decompression
  • Scenario based situations using equipment available

Equipment Requirements: 

  • Equipment required to conduct course will be provided 
  • Students should bring pen and paper for note taking
  • Use of fake blood may get on clothing, adjust accordingly
  • Recommended that students bring their own medical equipment for evaluation
  • Similar equipment used will likely be available for purchase 

About Dr. Lan Fotopoulos

Dr. Lan Fotopoulos is a licensed medical doctor and surgeon, as well as a pain medicine, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and undersea/hyperbaric medicine specialist. He graduated with his medical degree form UMKC in 1993. He then became a lieutenant in the United States Navy Medical Corps from 1997-2000 with certifications in combat medicine, and special operations combat medicine, and a specialty in diving and undersea medicine. He also completed the Navy’s parachutist program. During that time, he was awarded Navy and Marine Corps Commendation medal, as well as combat action awarded for operation “NOBLE ANVIL.” He is currently a physiatrist at Dickson-Dively orthopedics, and specializes in neck, back, hip, shoulder, and knee pain. He was also has been published multiple times over the years, including in the Kansas State Rifle Association magazine, for an article called “Care Under Fire.”


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