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This three hour course is designed for the handgun shooter who wishes to improve their marksmanship or simply to brush up on their shooting skills. Students are expected to have taken a Basic Pistol Shooting course or equivalent training, or to already be familiar with the operations of their firearm. Students may bring more than one firearm to class to work with. The lesson plan will include a review of the firearm safety rules and the fundamentals of pistol shooting, with an emphasis on Sight Alignment and Trigger Control. Both in the classroom and on the range students will use Dry Fire practice and partner drills to help reinforce trigger control. The goal of the live fire drills will be to make marked improvement in the students' accuracy, not simply to shoot through a lot of ammo. Care will be given to diagnose each students' shooting habits, and advice shared where improvement can be made.


The student is required to provide a handgun, at least one magazine per gun, eye and ear protection, a billed baseball style cap and at least 50 rounds of ammunition.



***FIREARMS BROUGHT FOR USE DURING RANGE TIME MUST BE UNLOADED (INCLUDING MAGAZINES) and CONTAINED WITHIN A HOLSTER, CASE or BAG, with AMMO BOXES CLEARLY LABLED WITH THE STUDENTS NAME. When the student arrives they will check in at the registers and leave their ammo behind the front counter, all UNLOADED and HOLSTERED/CASED firearms are welcome in the classroom.***




Prerequisite:  Basic Pistol Shooting

Course Pricing: $40.00



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